113 Mills Avenue
Greenville, SC 29605

“From patient, to survivor and caregiver, and those who are grieving, this is the place to turn for love, acceptance and hope.  I could have not have done as well without their passion, support and commitment.”

Caroline G.

A local agency helping local people

Cancer does not discriminate. It attacks peoples’ lives from all angles.

It can be a horrific foe. It effects the entire family. Every day, thousands of people who live in Greenville fight for their lives. Fortunately, they are not alone. Annually, the Cancer Society of Greenville County makes a tremendous difference in over 3,000 lives. Our vision states that we will create new HOPE and improve the lives of local cancer patients and their families. That’s what the Cancer Society of Greenville County is all about.

Here are a few ways we make that happen:

    • Provide financial support to local cancer patients and their families
    • Provide high-impact education and counseling services
    • Create an environment that accelerates healing and hope
    • Raise awareness of the Cancer Society of Greenville County to increase funding to serve more patients

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